The role of Puppets in Education


For teachers

Required space:



Lotinos Ilios in cooperation with the Regional Educational Primary School authorities in Greece, has been organizing free workshops and seminars for teachers.

Key workshop points:

  • Theatrical play 
  • Dramatization Design 
  • Narration in circle
  • How to find and distribute roles
  • Making things  and  Dressing up 
  • Dramatization of an Aesop tale 

The seminar has been presented in cooperation with the Executives for cultural issues in the following Regional Educational Authorities of Primary School education:

  • Athens
  • Cyclades- Syros
  • Dodecanese- Rhodes
  • Corinth
  • Santorini
  • Drama
  • Greek National Book Centre

It has also been presented in the following organisations, countries and businesses: 

  • Cyprus, invited by Intercollege College 
  • Cyprus, in cooperation with the Ministry for Education 
  • “Saint Katherine’s School”, Athens 
  • Technological University of Larissa
  • “Genathlon” Centre of Athens 
  • Technical Art House of Nea Smyrni 
  • “Window to Children’s Education”, bookshop in the town of Patras 
  • “Window to Children’s Education”, bookshop in the city of Athens