Christmas Tales

Christmas Tales


Language: Greek
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1st edition: 2008

Price: 8.00€


Five fairy tales full of Christmassy colours, images and scents. Each one of them brings to children the true Christmas message which comes alive through theatrical narration and melodies. 

The CD includes the following fairy tales:

1. The friend who cares, loves and shares

2. A Christmas walk

3. Peace Christmas carols

4.The miracle of Service

5. Leprechauns Santa 

"Ok, but when are you going to have some fun? You have been preparing presents all year round for all the children around the world. You never have some time to yourself! So, you never have fun!" 

When Santa heard George’s conclusion, burst out laughing… 

"Ho, ho, ho! My dear son, I have been having fun all year round. I am the Smiling Saint ,don’t you forget. I am so happy to have the chance to make something with my own hands and then give it away to the children. Their joy makes me happy! This is the greatest joy and satisfaction in the world. One must experience it, to truly understand what I am talking about. " 

"How can I experience it? What should I do?" young George asked Santa.

Try this secret recipe: “The friend cares, loves and shares” replied Santa and immediately turned himself into stardust disappearing into the sky.