Which planet do we live on?


For students

Required space: School classroom

Duration: 1 hour and 15 mins

Ages: 4 - 12 years old

The programme’s aim  is to develop children’s awareness of the interdependence between man and environment, to cultivate values and sentiments of interest towards the eco system and finally to give incentives for active involvement in the improvement and the protection of the planet. 

The programme consists of 3 stages:

Α) “I love Earth”   (presentation using projector)
A extremely interesting and  modern presentation especially put together with great care for children, using lots of images, photos and short video clips.  It features eco problems and solutions but most of all, it cultivates the interest and the love for Earth and the Environment. 

Β) “The wise water bearer”   (dramatized fairy tale)
An interactive narration of a well known fairy tale combining the method of theatrical play. Children will play and through play will learn that “nothing is useless” 

C) “Nothing is useless”   (artistic workshop with recyclable materials)
Children will be inspired and will be educated on recycling through Art. They will create practical everyday objects and works of Art with materials considered “useless” for most of the world (plastic bottles and bags, newspapers etc.)