World`s Greatest Treasure

World`s Greatest Treasure

Book with CD

Writer: Anna Papamarkou- Leonidas Pseltouras
Illustrator: Maria Panou
Language: Greek
Dimensions: 24Χ22
Page count: 32
Book cover: Paperback
1st edition: 2005

Price: 12.50€


The book presents a fairy tale about True, Selfless Love and the eternal Values of Life and features a very rich and artful illustration.

In the accompanying CD the heroes come alive in true children’s voices, music and songs. In addition to the CD the book also includes the original theatre script allowing anyone who wants to re create the play at school, to do just that. 


Three children follow a map’s instructions to discover the World’s Greatest Treasure. The adventure has just begun! The treasure hunt is full of fun, action and unexpected twists.

The adventure starts in the woods, where the three children come across some incredible creatures: the Clever Rooster, the Thirsty Talking Trees, the Hard Working Moles, the playful Spirit of the Woods, the Giant who is after his own shoes, the Naughty Bear and the Wise Owl. All these creatures help the children compete against their own selves! Are they going to win and how…?

Will they display the necessary qualities of Courage, Service to others, Cooperation, Acceptance of Diversity, Gratitude and Forgiveness to find their way to the treasure or will they get forever lost in the woods?

Will they manage to reach the cave where the treasure is buried, overcoming all the twists and turns of the story to the last minute?