Masks and Apokries


For students

Required space: School classroom

Duration: 1 hour and 15 mins

Ages: 4 - 10 years old

The aim of the programme  is for the children to get to know the historical traditional custom of Apokries (similar to Halloween) in Greece. By participating in this programme children will also have the opportunity to learn about similar customs in other civilizations and other countries in the world, developing this way feelings of unity, belonging in a larger community and acceptance of diversity. They will also have the chance to widen their aesthetical horizons, they will get inspired and they will channel their creativity in to the creative activities that are part of the programme. 

The programme consists of 3 stages:

Α)  “The history of masks”   (projecting presentation)
An interesting and colorful presentation of the history of the mask in Greece from Ancient Greece to date and of the mask’s role in “Apokries”, the Greek Halloween folklore tradition. The children will have the opportunity to see masks from around the world and other similar customs in civilizations around the world. 

Β)  “The Clown is spreading the Smile”   (dramatized fairy tale) 
Through the interactive narration of an original fairy tale, the children will have lots of fun experiencing  first hand the atmosphere of Apokries (Greek folklore Halloween) in their own school classroom.  Music, dance and singing make the narration very exciting.

C)  “The birth of the mask”   (artistic workshop)
Every child will be inspired to create his/her own clay mask decorating it with materials such as gold dust, feathers, decorative paper etc.