Flying for Peace

Flying for Peace

Book with CD

Writer: Anna Papamarkou-Leonidas Pseltouras
Illustrator: Anna Papamarkou
Language: Greek
Dimensions: 24Χ22
Page count: 32
Book cover: Paperback
1st edition: 2014

Price: 12.50€


The book contains an abundantly illustrated children`s story about Unity, Peace, and Non-violence.  It is a  fairy tale for contemporary children who are faced with the sensitive issues of school violence and bullying, written in a light, entertaining and...very fairy-tale like fashion.

The CD contains a dramatic reading of the fairy tale with songs and music from the play of the same name.


Three children get involved in an indescribable adventure with only one goal in mind: to spoil Witch Strife`s plans and to set Peace free.

It all begins when Witch Strife decides to establish "The Great Empire of Violence." After locking up Peace in prison, her plan evolves, as she sets her sights on children.

A small robot, "Know -It -All", helps the three children and shows them the way to set Peace free and to spoil Strife`s plans.

They need, however, the three magic keys, which the witch has well hidden: the keys to Unity, Human Kindness, and Non-Violence.

The children are determined and they begin their search in the four corners of the earth.  

All along their journey they enter into fantastical worlds in which one of them flies on a dragon, one on a magic carpet, and another high upon the winds...all with only one goal in mind: 

To set Peace free and bring her back to earth.

"Extend your hands to each other, my brothers and sisters! That is Peace!" Yiannis Ritsos.